Couples work with a trained court roster mediator to solve their conflicts using conflict resolution techniques that help them understand each other in order to solve their marital conflicts. With these techniques couples learn to communicate better and facilitate each others interpersonal communications. The mediator facilitates communication between the parties and teaches them how to do it when they are not in a mediation table. Marital mediation is a setting were both parties plan a future together, learning the skills to mediate on their own and learn conflict resolution techniques.

Does the Mediation process helps couples understand each other better?

Yes. Many couples have said that if they knew what they know now about conflict resolution, their marriage would have had a good start and divorce would not have been part of their lives.

What types of issues can be dealt with in Mediation to Save and Stay Married?

Many marriages (specially more lengthy marriages) fail due to financial issues and disputes on how moneys are being spent and utilized. A job loss, inheritance, bad expenditure habits, and lack of money management skills can make a couple distrust each other. Also lack of good communication, lack of understanding each others emotions, moods, intimacy are all issues that can be solve in mediation. 

I am a firm believer that if couples communicate with each other in a respectful manner and express their emotions and believes to each other with an open mind and with an open heart, understanding each other even if they don’t agree, life would be more enjoyable, and who doesn’t want an enjoyable marriage?

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